1/4/16(Emeginery Maths)

Is there a equation of human behavior? Of hate? Of intolerance? Which finally proves the countless contradictions of men? And if there is then how would it look? Would it be blissful to finally look at the your self? Would it be Nirvana? Human soul in linear form written on a two dimensional space…


According to the Bengali calendar it’s “Chaitra” the last month of spring but the thermometer doesn’t agree. The mercury is in a all time high point. I was trying to desolve the bitter taste of toothpaste in my mouth when I so egregiously decided to read to days newspaper which…

Summer Refugees

“We had to live like this,” his mother said from behind. The boy was watching the news.

“Sorry, what?” He looked back and said.

She nodded at the TV screen and said,” We had times like that.”

They were showing an item about the migrant crisis in Europe.