Screenplay of memory (01/01/17)

We were planning on changing our house. So we went to check out a house near my kindergarten school. Me and my parents. It was a sunny day, kind of day one usually remembers from ones childhood but never finds one in the calendars of adult life. Golden rays of morning sun penetrated through green canopy of huge trees. The house stood by a huge pond. My impossible house.

1/6/16 [I’m back (or am I?)]

I am sorry. When I first started this I thought this would be easy. This is something which won’t be left behind like the countless others. But suddenly life just ran too fast. That means there was just too much work to be done, too many duties to attend to, too many dreams to be crushed. And I left the Blog behind…

22/4/16 (The End is Nigh)

Earth day, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Temperature  91°F (33°C). Normal human body temperature is 98.6°F (37°C). I’m sitting in my 12 feet by 10 feet room trying to come up something witty to spread on the interwebs but nothing surfacing. I woke up mildly depressed today. Read some amazing poetry before breakfast then blankness fell. Google told […]

All the Funerals and Deaths

When she carried the dead child to the Buddha and told Him her sad story, He listened with patience and compassion, and then said to her, “Kisa Gautami, there is only one way to solve your problem. Go and find me four or five mustard seeds from any family in which there has never been a death.”

In this dark room my cell phone scree…