1/4/16(Emeginery Maths)

Is there an equation of human behavior? Of hate? Of intolerance? Which finally proves the countless contradictions of men? And if there is then how would it look? Would it be blissful to finally look at the your self? Would it be Nirvana? Human soul in linear form written on a two-dimensional space.

X worships α and Y worships Ω. X comprises a series of independent elements with only common link between them being their philosophy of  α, i.e. X may be( x4, x6, x8 )Same goes for Y (y12, y15) but with a smaller number. X occupies more space and Y occupies a smaller niche of that same flatland. In some places their spaces intersect. X thinks he is native to this space but Y thinks he is an invader. In a Venn diagram they display some similarities. At the same time can not stand each other.

Is there an equation which can factor all this and prove mathematically that this is correct behavior? It would be satisfying to know one.

I have been following some really hateful conversations unfold on my Social Media. Nativity, religion, oppression and loyalties are debated upon.


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