According to the Bengali calendar it’s “Chaitra” the last month of spring but the thermometer doesn’t agree. The mercury is in an all time high point. I was trying to dissolve the bitter taste of toothpaste in my mouth when I so egregiously decided to read today’s newspaper which just soured my psyche. As the end of internship is getting nearer, pressure to get ready for the BCS examinations is raising rising. Hence the return to the printed papers. To days front page: Bangladesh bank hacked, girl got raped and killed on her way to home, team Bangladesh lost to India for 2 runs and as it’s nearly Independence day obligatory war memoirs of old people reminiscing about 45-year-old genocides. What is it with Nationalism? It doesn’t allow you to forget the past. Does it really matter, except for general knowledge in admission tests. Our collective psyche seems to unable to move on from something we moved on ideally a long time ago. The myth of  nationalism, of a national ideal is but a conditioned reflex and we just salivate nationalism whenever it’s that time of the year.


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