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“Listen, Nastenka. (It seems to me I shall never be tired of calling you Nastenka.) Let me tell you that in these corners live strange people—dreamers. The dreamer—if you want an exact definition—is not a human being, but a creature of an intermediate sort. For the most part he settles in some inaccessible corner, as though hiding from the light of day; once he slips into his corner, he grows to it like a snail, or, anyway, he is in that respect very much like that remarkable creature, which is an animal and a house both at once, and is called a tortoise. Why do you suppose he is so fond of his four walls, which are invariably painted green, grimy, dismal and reeking unpardonably of tobacco smoke? Why is it that when this absurd gentleman is visited by one of his few acquaintances (and he ends by getting rid of all his friends), why does this absurd person meet him with such embarrassment, changing countenance and overcome with confusion, as though he had only just…”

  • White Nights by Fyodor Dostoevsky


I wanted to be a lot of things in my short life span; a poet, a detective, a truck driver, a cartoonist, a psychic, a chef, a film director and finally a writer, all were my potential goals of life.

I wrote poems diligently for a time( I was 10 and couldn’t make my father believe that I didn’t copy them). I formed a “Three Investigators” inspired group with my friends but mysteries were in short supply in small towns during the 90’s so we disbanded. The one thing my classmates from high-school would always remember me for was my cartoons of the teachers. But post college I stopped sketching for some reason. I actually thought I would takeover the world with my psychic powers while I was in college (Oh, I was innocently dumb about ways of the world). I liked cooking but I don’t like eating the stuff i cook (they can be hazardous to health). I directed and wrote couple of short films recently and realized film making is tougher then I anticipated.

But I became something very different. And now I think something about this world is out of sync. There is a cognitive dissonance.

Anatomy of this blog constitutes of:

Semi Fictional Stories: These are semi fictional, sometimes auto biographical pieces. I’m the hero of most of these tales. It’s such obnoxiously narcissistic of me, isn’t it? But I have a very limited imagination so imagining imaginary lives and deeds of imaginary people is hard for me.

Essays on Nonsense: Essays on non nonsensical subjects.

Abstract Thoughts: Just my journal. Things from top of my mind. Sometimes memoirs.

Uncategorized: Things that I couldn’t categorize. Reviews, Travelogues etc.

This blog is all about my opinions. Little vignettes of life in Bangladesh. Slices of my extraordinarily ordinary life. My creative writings. I welcome your creative criticisms, your opinions, your stories. Don’t just pass by, leave a ‘hello’ behind, or a piece of your mind.


14 thoughts on “About This Blog

  1. I love this! Welcome to this wild, quiet, talkative, peaceful, multi-layered world, Tamal! So happy to make your acquaintance! When did you write this “About” page? I didn’t see it earlier. Also, it appears that you’ve just begun blogging (four-five months?) – I cannot wait to see what you’ll write!


    • 2/3 months at most. I was trying to start a blog for a long time but never had the time or patience to continue a blog ( I have diagnosed my self with ADD in my psychiatrist phase). But somehow this one survived.
      I find it tiresome speaking about myself so when I first started Facebook this was my “About Me”. This passage perfectly describes me so I stuck with it. Thank you for all the encouragements.

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