What Princes Do After School

Written for Friday Fictioneers. Friday Fictioneers is a Flash fiction community curated by the wonderful Rochelle Wisoff. You can read and add yours by clicking the link provided at the end of this post. In response to the photo prompt by J Hardy Carroll here’s…

What Princes Do After School

The young prince and his friend the ranger stood in front of the iron gates.

“Where’s that Rakhshasa you told me about?”

“It’s roaming in the bone-gardens.”

“Where’s that? I won’t go anywhere else.”

“Hush, ranger. If I’m not back in an hour return to the king…”

“An hour? I’m going back.”

The brave prince climbed up the fence and disappeared inside. Inside the bedchamber of snoring princess the prince considered his options.

Kiss it is.

The ranger heard a scream.

“What happened?”

“They didn’t say how to reverse age in the stories.” The prince said as they both ran.


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