Three Lagged Man, Two Lagged Man

Written for Friday Fictioneers. Friday Fictioneers is a Flash fiction community curated by the wonderful Rochelle Wisoff. You can read and add yours by clicking the link provided at the end of this post. In response to the photo prompt by Jennifer Pendergast here’s…

Three Lagged Man, Two Lagged Man

My father found my uncle after 36 years.

“He came to me and said,’ You look old Monu.’ I was sitting at the bench by the pond.  ‘Who are you?’ I asked. He sat beside me. ‘You come here often. I see you. This place reminds you of home, doesn’t it?’ The kid looked at me and smiled. And I recognized him.”

“But he died during war. Drowned, you said.”

The kid came to see him at hospital. In those occasions, he looked happy.

“It took you too long.”

After his funeral I met the kid once, to pay him.


I have written a couple of phantasmal yarns recently. And it seems no one except me could see the ghosts. May be the spectres were lost among the words. I’m looking forward to see what everyone make of this one (which by the way is not a ghost story).



30 thoughts on “Three Lagged Man, Two Lagged Man

  1. Dear Tamal,

    I surmise from your tag that the man who appeared is a reincarnation of the father’s lost brother. That would explain why the father looks so old to him. At any rate, evocative and nicely done.



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  2. I see the uncle bringing up the boy, then his father who he had been told had drown, turns up to see his son. But the back story, that would be telling.🙂

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  3. It sounds like the son paid a child to pretend to be the brother his father had lost. The father must have had a long standing illness that effected his eyesight, hearing or memory to make the deception work.

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  4. An interesting take on the prompt, with something of an ethical dilemma in regard to paying the boy to be the long-lost brother. Still, it all seems to have been for the right reasons and to have made the old man happy. Well told. I like it when a story makes me think

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