Tokai And The Boys

Written for Friday Fictioneers. Friday Fictioneers is a Flash fiction community curated by the wonderful Rochelle Wisoff. In response to her photo prompt here’s…

Tokai And The Boys

A dream floats in the foot overbridge tonight. Steam rises from a bowl of hot steaming rice.

“I dreamed of flying again.” Tokai whispers to the twins. “If I could just remember what that fairy girl said.”

They tramp through the dustbin, Tokai and the boys. At midnight they return to the bridge.

“Where’ll you go?” Someone asks Tokai.

“Home.” He says.

“Your house is in the river. Shut up and sleep.” An adult voice shouts. Twinkling lights float through highway below heedless.

No one ever saw Tokai again. If you ask, the boys will say he flew away.



33 thoughts on “Tokai And The Boys

    • There’s a story about a boy who ran at the front of a Language Movement rally in 1952. When police opened fire he died along with the students. This unnamed street child is said to be one of the inspirations behind Tokai. Thank you for reading.

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  1. Loved this even before the brief explanations you provided in the comments. The piece has a dream-like quality that reflects Tokai’s dream. The tiny errors in English that should have detracted actually added to the sense of flying, of being unbound.

    I am depressed, however, to learn of something called “street children.” 😦

    Keep writing!


  2. It almost felt like the coldness of the adult who said Tokai’s place was in the river was what caused him to vanish. But I do hope that the boys have the right of it, and he flew to someplace happier.


  3. Heard the name…know the story…khub bhalo laglo lekhata…amio chesta korchi erkm kichu ekta…chaile Fable of Times r tar undere Once pore dkho amar bloge…asha kori bhalo lagbe…tomar motamotr janya apekha korbo

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