Life Cycle

Friday Fictioneers is a Flash fiction community curated by the wonderful Rochelle Wisoff. In response to the photo prompt by  Ted Strutz here’s …

Life Cycle


I flow through the mountains. I jump off the cliffs. I make rainbows while I fall. Through plateus, canyons and green valleys, I run.

I watch the azure sky as he changes with season. Unlike me he always changes back. With envy I gaze in his immortal eyes.

People gather around me; to leave perchance to return. Some I carry away downstream in my bosom, unwitting young and old, their weeping kindred left behind.

Sometimes I rage with the East-wind and wash away their mud adobes.mystery-chair-ted-strutz

At last, in a distant shore on the horizon I meet him.


Read many more and add your writings here… 

P.S. The Photo above is of a local lake taken by a Mobile Device edited in a Mobile Device by the writer.


13 thoughts on “Life Cycle

  1. Nicely written, Tamal. This story would have worked well with the photo prompt on Rochelle’s site too, which is the one we’re all supposed to use–otherwise she makes us sit in the naughty chair. 🙂


  2. Dear Tamal,

    There are few ‘rules’ in this challenge. The main one is that we all use the same photo prompt. I see that Russell has informed you and you’ve corrected it. Therefore I won’t make you sit in the naughty chair.
    Beautifully, evocative writing.



    Liked by 1 person

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