The View Through The Window

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 Friday Fictioneers is a Flash fiction community curated by the wonderful Rochelle Wisoff. Add your work and read many more here. In response to the photo prompt above by Roger Bultot here’s …

The View Through The Window

They lock the apartment behind them at morning.

Through the window he looks out. A little girl is looking at him from the street. He waves. She runs away.

He feeds breadcrumbs to a crow at noon. One of its feet is twisted. He talks to it for some time. Then it flies away.

White clouds like cotton-balls hanging from the blue. He watches them float by until sunset.

At evening they return.

“It happened, AGAIN.”

“Maybe the rumors are true.”

Through the window he watches the night sky as stars come out and listens to their chatter, transparent, unseen.


This prompt reminded me of my time alone in the apartment when my parents left for their jobs. Wanted to write something about that time but it turned into this other thing. And I wrote about All the houses I grew up in before. I actually had an acquaintance with a crow with a twisted leg. 

P.S. English is my third language and sometimes I really get confused with the grammar and the wordings and all. So if you spot any mistakes or have any suggestions regarding the prose I’ll greatly appreciate it.


20 thoughts on “The View Through The Window

    • Thanks for reading. I try to do my best by editing it as much as I can. I used to read whatever I could get my hands on, and that helped too. Thanks for the follow & I look forward to checking your blog ( which is empty when I checked).


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