Rudraksha, Bilvapatra and Camphor Flame

Purohit woke up at dawn and quietly went outside. He took with himself the white Khadi he wore for puja and went to the river.

He entered the temple and prostrated on the ground under the arched ceiling, in front thekal_bhairab_in_brahmanbaria_bangladesh-5 towering Mahakal. Bilvapatra, Rudraksha and yellow glow of camphor flame accompanied the chanting.

His father taught him all he knew as he will teach his son all he knows.

At sunrise he walked out of the ancestral home with his family. All their possessions wrapped in the khadi.

On the farther shore among the fire and smoke Bhairava danced.


Kal Bhairab Temple (Bengali: কালভৈরব মন্দির) is a Hindu temple, dedicated to the God Shiva, located in Medda in the Brahmanbaria district of Bangladesh. The temple is famed for the giant Shivalinga, a 28-feet tall Shiva statue assumed to be the largest in the world. Though the Hindu Lord Shiva, who is called the Kal Bhairab is the main attraction, Goddess Kali is also worshipped there. The statue of Kali is situated on the right side of the Kal Bhairab and the statue of the Goddess Saraswati is placed on the left. The temple is a major pilgrimage place for Shaivites in Bangladesh. (from Wikipedia. click here for the full article)

During 1971 liberation war of Bangladesh it was destroyed by the Pakistani Army.

In response to the photo prompt… 

photo prompt, © Dale Rogerson


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    • Thanks Siddhart & sorry for the late reply. I read your blog but couldn’t find any comment box. You have a interesting story there too. I hope we can converse in your posts when you allow comments. Take care.


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