22/4/16 (The End is Nigh)

Earth day,

Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Temperature  91°F (33°C). Normal human body temperature is 98.6°F (37°C).

I’m sitting in my 12 feet by 10 feet room trying to come up something witty to spread on the interwebs but nothing surfacing. I woke up mildly depressed today. Read some amazing poetry before breakfast then blankness fell. Google told me to do something about earth but I can’t. What can I do? What can anyone do?

There are people in Europe and America who are against vaccination. They say it’s dangerous. They think infecting your child with a disease to prevent a disease is stupid. They have numerous very popular and powerful supporters like, De Nero, Jim Carry, and Rand Paul etc. Have you ever seen a patient of Polio or a child with Mumps or a child with whooping cough? No. Most of the westerners don’t have a memory of these diseases. So they can afford to indulge themselves in this fantasy. Whereas if you ask even the most radical and least literate village Imam to not vaccinate his child, he would probably break your jaw.

People here in BD think very highly of Westerners. “They all speak English you see. What a learned race. Even their kids can speak English.”

I tell them there are westerners who don’t believe in Global Warming, who think immunization makes you sick. “Huh, that’s cow-dung.”

What are we doing to prevent global warming? Nothing and something. In Dhaka auto rickshaws running in petrol are banned, most of our motor-vehicles run in CNG (Compressed Natural Gas). Back then Lead was high in the air. Now it’s CO. So we traded COPD for Silent poison. Big deal.

A minstrel once wrote that there will be a sea in this place in the future. That’s true. End is nigh.

Click here to watch a Vox video on history of anti-vaccine movement.




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