On Vanishing Disease and its effects

Now a day’s very often we learn about a new disease. Researchers have unveiled the origins, propagators, hosts and carriers of many a disease. But still there remain some diseases which are unknown to man. We do know about their effects on humans but their origin and other factors remain elusive to science. Vanishing Disease is such a disease. It is mind boggling that such a disease with such devastating and a well documented effect on not only individual but on whole society is still now not even considered a disease. Following is a short description of possible origins of the disease, how it transmits and a short case study showing irrefutable proof of its existence.

Do you recently heard about anyone who disappeared without any trace? Of course you have. No matter what country you live in, what society you belong to, it is a common phenomenon. Of course there are incidents of criminal activity or unhappy domestic life but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some cases of perfectly honest men with happy lives disappearing without any cause. Consider this Wikipedia article – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_people_who_disappeared_mysteriously

USA has high disappearance rates too- http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2014/09/23/missing-persons-children-numbers/16110709/


 In these cases we tend to point fingers toward the government. Come on people, as if our governments have nothing better to do. Consider this article by Amnesty International on disappearance of people in Bangladesh-

Governments consist of people of our own selection. Why would they enforce disappearance of general population? They are here to serve you, not to serve themselves. Not even a small country like Bangladesh could have such evil. They have sworn on live television, for god’s sake!

So what is this than? This is VANISHING DISEASE.

We still don’t know how it enters human body.

Sign/Symptoms may vary from country to country. Some have shown depression, sleeplessness, anorexia, irritability, increased sociopolitical awareness and dissatisfaction with current status quo. Then one day they tend to wander off to nothingness. There won’t be any trace of them anywhere to be found.

So where do they go? This blogger believes it’s a disease of reality and existence. These unfortunate people passes through a crack in reality and to another parallel world altogether. Sounds cheesy consider this well publicized case of strange man of Tokyo Airport in 1954.

So next time any of your close ones disappear then don’t immediately start blaming government. May be this is the Vanishing Disease and thorough a crack in reality your loved one has passed on to another world. You should be careful too.


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