I almost ate a cockroach today. It was in the fish curry I bought for my lunch, small fish with thinly sliced potato and a hint of tomato in a spicy broth. My tongue noticed the roach’s foreign texture. Insects are part of daily food of many people. But many cultures consider them distasteful. Westerners and most of the common wealth are in this group.

To think that our upbringing and cultural differences changed us so much that what some of us think of as a delicacy, we consider as nauseating. How much distant we have grown since the days of Eden.

Once upon a time we used to eat rodents and roots in the fields of Africa. It’s in human gene to survive and when they are desperate, modern men can almost anything, insects, rodents, stones. When the survival mode kicks in we revert back to being biological machines our ancestors were.

Our education, culture and society have overshadowed our original making. We learned to look down upon those we consider uncivilized. We grant Food the honorific of Fundamental Human Right and become horrified when discover the Chinese eat dogs. We feel disgusted when find a tribe that eat other humans. We include people in Believe It Or Not lists because they eat cremated remains of their loved ones. We are still a long way from being truly civilized.


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